If you are an avocado lover in Thailand, you would have noticed the shortage in avocado in the past year or so, and been appalled by the subsequent rise in prices. The matter is made worse by the fact that even if you make up your mind to pay more, you often ended up with fruits that are veiny, spotted, with huge pits, or barely edible. Many a home cook would surely feel cheated and wasteful throwing hundreds of bahts worth of substandard avocados in the bin. Having avocados on toast for breakfast or making guacamole has never been a more frustrating and expensive activity.

While we wait for the supply of fresh avocados in Thailand to become more plentiful and for prices to come down, Food Glorious Food would like to introduce you to a convenient, fresh and delicious alternative in a range of ready-to-eat 100% natural Simpsons Farms Avocados.

Simpsons Farms is one of Australia’s premier avocado growers, producing both fresh whole fruit avocados as well as avocado products. It is a family-run company that prides itself on the quality of its fruits as well as the sustainability of its farming practices.

Premium Chunky Avocado
Simpson Farms Premium Chunky Avocado is a great alternative to whole-fruit avocado with the convenience of being ripe and ready to go! No wastage or labor to prepare. Premium Chunky Avocado is ideal for wraps, burritos, baguettes and is a great alternative to fresh avocado in most dishes. If you want consistency this product is for you.
Avocado Pulp
Avocado Pulp is the ideal base for any creation. Full of natural flavor and goodness, the versatility makes using avocado simple and value for money. This avocado product has a longer than usual shelf life; a robustness to meet your everyday avocado needs.
A Taste of Mexico. A blend of herbs and spices mixed compliments the rich natural avocado flavour This product a great addition to any Mexican style dish. The depth of flavor will appeal to a broad range of palates. For nachos, wraps, pizza, tortillas, burritos, chili con carne, seafood and everything else.

All Simpsons Farms avocado products are:

  • NO GM