Our beef comes from some of the finest producers in Victoria and New South Wales where the quality and taste is excellent. Jack’s Creek Black Angus and Wagyu beef comes from Northern NSW where cattle are raised free range for the first part of their lives and Great Southern Prime Beef from the lush green pastures of Northern NSW. We also offer a selection of quality Angus hamburger meats, premium mince meat, gourmet sausages and sausage rolls to choose from. Have a look through our online shop to see our selection.

Grass Fed Beef

Grass Fed beef are cattle which are raised primarily on pastures. These cattle live in a stress-free environment where they are free to roam and feed on the wide green plains of country Australia. We source our grass fed beef from Great Southern Beef who are committed to providing the best quality, naturally raised beef and lamb. There is a growing trend to appreciate the taste and health benefits derived from grass fed beef and lamb.

Grain Fed Beef

Grain fed beef are cattle which are traditionally grain fed for 150 to 170 days on a specifically formulated high energy grain fed diet. The benefit of grain fed is that the diet can be controlled, and the price is cheaper than grass fed because of this. We have a number of Australian suppliers including Jack’s Creek whose cattle is only bred from superior Black Angus cattle from the best bloodlines, having no added hormones and being free from antibiotics.

Australian Wagyu Beef

Wagyu beef is the best marbled beef in the world and is famous for being tender, juicy and healthy. It also contains essential combined nutrients not found elsewhere, with all the essential amino acids present in the correct ratio to build proteins for strong and healthy bones.

Australian Angus Beef

Our grain-fed Angus is sourced from Jack’s Creek Farms, who is also one of our suppliers of the Wagyu-Angus cross. These animals are hand selected in a rigorous process of grading according to numerous criteria such as meat PH, meat colour, fat colour, fat depth, marbling, carcass weight and temperature.