We all know that making your own soup stock from scratch is time consuming and troublesome. Yet, we also know that using good quality stock is essential to flavorful and healthful dishes. Although ready-made stock in cans or cartons are easily available at the supermarket, they are usually of the mass-produced and salt-laden variety. Food Glorious Food would like to offer you an alternative to this with the Stock Merchant’s range of 100% natural stock.

The Stock Merchant is Australia’s first range stocks, sauces and bone broths made from all-natural and sustainable sources. TSM works with local producers who provide them with free range chicken, grass fed cattle, and sustainably harvested shellfish and organic vegetables and herbs. The stocks are made the traditional way, without salt, flavor enhancers, gluten, preservatives or additives.

With The Stock Merchant’s stock, not only will you be adding a depth of flavor to your cooking, but you will also be helping to support free range animal farming and sustainable fishing in Australia.

The Stock Merchant’s range includes:
Free Range Chicken Stock; Free Range Beef Stock; Handmade Vegetable Stock; and Sustainable Crab Stock.

All TSM stock is Halal certified.

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