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Recently, you might have heard about a scandal in the Italian olive oil industry. According to expert’s testimonies, much of the famous Italian extra virgin olive oil is made from lower quality olive oil! An investigation has uncovered that seven well-know producers are passing off virgin olive oil as extra virgin. There is also wide-spread practice of using olives from Greece or Tunisia instead of real Italian olives. For full details, please refer to some of the many articles on this topic:



And check out this brilliant interactive explanation of the olive oil making (and faking) process


At Food Glorious Food, we offer you an alternative that is guaranteed 100% genuine extra virgin olive oil from our two main sources, Australia and Spain.

From Australia, we offer Cobram Estate olive oil.

Founded in 1996, Cobram Estate is the leading provider of olive oil in Australia, and a leader in Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). Today Cobram Estate is the Number One Selling and awarded Australian EVOO brand in the domestic retail market.

Following strict and exacting standards, Cobram Estate produces award-winning oils in two ranges,the Premium and Everyday Range. The Premium Range is the boutique range, showcasing the best oils which contain a purity of flavour and a full manifestation of varietal characteristics. The Everyday Range is made from freshly pressed and blended oils, crafted by our expert tasters and blenders to suit a variety of palettes and dishes.

Cobram Infused OO Cobram EV OO

From Spain, we proudly present Priordei olive oil.

Priordei is a project that was started by two leading Spanish gourmet companies aiming for excellence in the olive oil market. Grown in Priorat, in Catalonia in the Southeast of Spain, the ‘arbequina’ olive variety is famous for its flavor and aroma. After harvest, the olives go through a very cold extraction, done at night, to preserve maximum aroma and freshness.

Because of this exceptional process, Priordei is an extra virgin olive oil with a maximum acidity of .1 which is a very rare achievement. The lower acidity means that the olive oil has more anti-oxidants, pro vitamin E and oleic acid. This is why Priordei is considered one of the best and healthiest extra virgin olive oil in the world.

Priordei Gold Priordei Grand Coupage

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