Marbling is the fat that is deposited between muscle fibres of the M. longissimus dorsi muscle.

Marbling is an assessment of the chilled carcase and scored by comparing the porportion of marble fat to meat at the surface of the assessment site which lies within the M. longissimus dorsi boundery.

At FGF, we assess marbling according to the Australian Meat Marbling system. The Meat Standards Australia (MSA) marbling system provides an indication of the fineness of distribution and the size of marbling pieces. The steps between the MSA marbling standard are judged to tenths for grading, creating a score range from 100 to 1100 in increments of ten.

For easier assessment, the marbling score (MBS) is often judged from 1-9, with 9 being the cut with the highest fat marbling in the meat.