Elpozo Chorizo Iberico Salami Sliced – 1 Pack (100g)

Legado Corizo

Price: ฿250

Product Description

Premium Product from Spain

Elpozo Chorizo Iberico Salami Sliced – 100 per pack

Legado is the brand selection Iberian products Iberian El Pozo Food brand. Iberian pigs come from land owned by the company in Jabugo are later taken to the premises of El Pozo Murcia for processing.

Among the products under the name Legacy is Iberian, Iberian ham, loin, shoulder Iberian chorizo ​​and salami sliced ​​Iberian and other products such as salami, bologna, butter, etc..

Iberian Legacy products represent high quality and follow a set of production line with what consuiguen always a product with its unique flavor.

Pack 100 gm

Price 250 .- /pack

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