Kraft Mayo ‘Real Mayonnaise with no artificial flavors’


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Kraft Mayo was introduced in 1930, before Kraft’s similar product, Miracle Whip, which was launched in 1933. When Kraft Mayo was first launched, Kraft announced a blind taste test–Americans who are preferring the taste of Kraft Mayo over Miracle Whip. The preferred winner was Kraft Mayo. In 1993, Kraft Mayo flavors expanded to light and fat-free. In 2002, Kraft Mayo expanded to other bottle shapes like easy squeeze and all-out versions of the brand. In 2008, Kraft released a new mayonnaise with olive oil, called “Kraft Mayo with olive oil.” Kraft Mayo with olive oil has 50% less fat and calories than regular Kraft Mayo. In 2012, Kraft Mayo Homestyle was produced; a full-fat mayonnaise that is thicker, richer, and slightly more yellow in color than Kraft Mayo.

  • Kraft Real Mayonnaise
  • Kraft Light Mayonnaise-Same as the original version, but with less calories and fat.
  • Kraft Fat Free Mayonnaise
  • Kraft Mayo with olive oil-Recent flavor of Kraft Mayo. This flavor is the same as the regular version, but flavored with olive oil and has less fat and calories than the regular version of Kraft Mayo.

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