Garcia Baquero – Semicurado – 1 Pack( 230g-330g)

GarciaB SemiCurado
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Garcia Baquero – Semicurado

Traditional cheeses from Spain. 
Always Tender Curing Semicurado
With a taste, softness and exceptional texture, García Baquero offers you the leading cheese market for their superior taste and quality. For lovers of good cheese, curds you like best. 3 months aged

pasteurized sheep’s milk (32%) salt
pasteurized goat’s milk (30%) rennet
pasteurized cow’s milk (23%) calcium chloride lactic fermentsBrand: Garcia Baquero

Vacuum Individual pack

Price 1,130 THB per kg.

Approximate weight per piece 230 – 330 gm

Approximate price per piece 260 – 370 THB

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