Floridia Cheese – Mozzarella Loaf – 1 Pack (200-260g)

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Product Description

Floridia Cheese – Mozzarella Loaf 

Florida Mozzarella is a natural cheese made from fresh pasteurised cow’s milk. There are two varieties of Mozzarella, Fresh Eating and Pizza Mozzarella. Pizza Mozzarella is mild in flavour, light yellow to yellow in appearance and ranges from semi-firm to firm in texture.

Fresh Mozzarella is white in appearance, milky in flavour, with a soft to semi-soft body and delicate texture. Great for many uses – Pizza and Fresh Mozzarella both offer unique properties for cooking and eating.


Pasteurised Milk, Cultures, Salt, and Rennet (non-animal)

Flavour Mild to delicate
Colour Off white to yellow
Body Semi firm to firm

Individual vacuum pack.

Price 570 THB per kg.

Approximate weight per piece: 200-260g

Approximate price per piece: 115-150 baht

Please allow us to confirm weight and total price before the payment.

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